SKYCLAD Work On Brand New Album; Early Years Best-of Announced For May

– Press Release –

BMG is currently re-launching legendary German Metal label Noise Records; starting with the release of a series of 2CD Best Ofs by Kreator, Helloween, Kamelot, Sinner, Running Wild, Tankard, Grave Digger and SKYCLAD.

SKYCLAD’s “A Bellyful Of Emptiness – The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1991 – 1995” is due to be released on May 27th 2016.

Noise also announced an eight track Album Sampler featuring the following songs:
Helloween – “Dr Stein”, Kreator – “Betrayer”, Tankard – “Space Beer”, Running Wild – “Conquistadors”, Skyclad – “Thinking Allowed”, Grave Digger– “Heavy Metal Breakdown”, Kamelot – “We Are Not Separate”, Sinner – “Born To Rock”

NOISE2CD007 Skyclad hires Skyclad_BestOf_ExplodedPackshot-389x275
Meanwhile SKYCLAD are „hard at work“ on their yet unnamed 13th studio album.

Following the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to the band’s line-up as a permanent member in 2014, SKYCLAD played several major festival shows including France’s Hellfest and England’s Bloodstock Open Air before being forced to take a year long break in 2015.

This February, SKYCLAD got back together to work on the successor to the band’s 12th studio album „In the… All together“.

The band comments:
„We’re really excited about having Dave back in the band. He’s a fantastic guy, a great musician and songwriter! The whole band is really inspired, and we’re making good progress on the album. Most of the bits and pieces are there already.
Even though we played a couple of ‘old school shows’ recently, the new LP definitely won’t be a thrash album; but it will be no typical folk metal album either. We’ll use all the options we now have – with 3 Guitarists, additional vocals, fiddle, keyboards, bass and drums – to create an album that will be the same but different. 100% Skyclad!“

SKYCLAD hope to release the new album within the next 12 months. The band’s next live appearance will be at Germany’s Dong Open Air in July 2016.

SKYCLAD are: Kevin Ridley – Georgina Biddle – Steve Ramsey – Dave Pugh – Graeme English – Arron Walton

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