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Full album stream: Forward Into The Past (2017)

Videos: Words Fail Me (2018) / Change Is Coming (2017) / Starstruck (2017)


Kevin Ridley – Georgina Biddle – Steve Ramsey – Dave Pugh – Graeme ‘Bean’ English – Arron Walton

SKYCLAD Biography, Winter/Spring 2018

SKYCLAD are a British band formed in 1990 in their home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Combining British indie/post-punk and folk influeces with heavy metal, they created a highly original and influential sound; today SKYCLAD are widely regarded as one of the originators of folk metal. The band’s lyrics are generally in the vein of a classic protest band, discussing politics, society, social issues and environmental destruction.

In the past 28 years, SKYCLAD played hundreds of shows – both electric and acoustic – all across Europe and released 12 critically acclaimed LPs plus several EPs and compilation albums.

After a period of less activity in the early and mid 2010s, the band’s 13th studio album was released in April 2017 via Listenable Records. Titled ‘Forward Into The Past’, the LP marks the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to SKYCLAD’s line-up as a permanent member.

2017 saw the band playing a headliner tour of Greece, appearances at numerous festivals and a series of shows as main support for Ensiferum. In 2018 SKYCLAD are continuing to promote ‘Forward Into The Past’ with selected live shows. Confirmed festivals include Wacken Winter Nights and Rock Harz Open Air in Germany and Metalmania Festival in Poland.

SKYCLAD were voted into the top 15 of the category “best club/indoor live show 2017” by the readers of Germany’s DEAF FOREVER magazine.

Press Quotes – Album Reviews:
“SKYCLAD präsentieren sich 2017 so frisch wie eh und je. Bei “Forward Into The Past” ist der Name Programm, und das in mehrlei Hinsicht. Die Scheibe ist eine Reminiszenz an die frühen Zeiten (mit Dave Pugh auch personell), während sie den Weg weiter vorwärts beschreitet. Ganz typische SKYCLAD-Kunst mit vielen neuen Ohrwürmern und wie immer liebevoll gestalteter Fusion aus Folk, Metal und Rock.”
Reaperzine, ‘Forward Into The Past’ review – 9/10

“It’s seems to make the band more alive then ever and this album never feels like a forced re-start of a band which has been away too long. No, they’re alive and kicking […] The band is still into social issues and politics a lot as shown in songs like ‘State of the Union Now’, this is another link they have with a lot of Celtic Punk bands. [… ] The Irish folk-feel, the folky fiddling of their own queen Georgina, makes songs like this are the missing links between the folk-metal and Celtic Punk.”, ‘Forward Into The Past’ review – 9.5/10

“Die Briten von SKYCLAD gehören sicher zu den eigenständigsten Metal-Bands überhaupt. […] Ich bin echt begeistert, wie die Briten aus der Versenkung zurück kehren – und sofort anzeigen, wie Folk Metal eigentlich klappen kann. Der Name SKYCLAD gehört in den Metal-Olymp. Punkt.”, ‘Forward Into The Past’ review – 9/10

“This is a fantastic album, and if you’re a fan of Skyclad, folk metal, or bands that aren’t afraid to experiment, then you have to buy yourself a copy of this album – awesome stuff!!”
All About The Rock, ‘Forward Into The Past’ review – 9/10

Press Quotes – Live Reviews:
“With a setlist comprising ‘The Parliament Of Fools’, ‘Thinking Allowed?’, ‘Inequality Street’, ‘The Widdershins Jig’, ‘Spinning Jenny’, ‘Anotherdrinkingsong’ and ‘Emerald’, here were the Folk Metal founders doing what they do best. Dave Pugh is back in the band and Steve Ramsey never left and with Georgina Biddle have clocked up over twenty years’ service and Graeme ‘Bean’ English also a founding member, you can’t get much closer to the original line-up than that.
Kev is a great frontman who knows how to work his audience and he and his comrades put in a ten pint performance from where we were standing, which was right at the front.”
MetalTalk, Titanfest review, November 2016

“[…] Zum Folk-Metal der Briten gibt es einen Jig-Pit und es wird auch sonst ordentlich gefeiert. Dank tanzbarer, eingängiger Melodien und gewohnt sympathischem Auftreten frisst das Publikum der Truppe aus der Hand und wer ohne Textkenntnis ankommt, kann das im Anschluss nicht mehr behaupten. […]
BurnYourEars, Rockharz Open Air review, July 2018

“[…] Scheinbar direkt aus dem Pub und auf die Bühne kommend, zaubern SKYCLAD mit ihrem durch britischen Folk infundierten Metal ein breites Grinsen in die Gesichter der gut gelaunten Masse.
Und dieses lässt sich natürlich jeden Song, den die Engländer ins Feld hineinhauen, mit Wonne ins Gebein fahren, sodass im Feld viel getanzt wird. Kein Wunder, die packenden Melodien, die sich aus dem wunderbaren Zusammenspiel des Gitarrenduos Steve Ramsey und Dave Pugh mit der Violinistin Georgina Biddle ergeben, krabbeln ja auch ohne Umwege in die Gehörgänge hinein und machen einfach nur einen Heidenspaß […]”, Rockharz Open Air review, July 2018

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