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Brian Ross – Russ Tippins – Steve Ramsey – Graeme ‘Bean’ English – Sean Taylor

SATAN Biography

SATAN are a British heavy metal band formed in 1980 in their home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash/speed metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s, influencing major acts like METALLICA, EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL.

SATAN released two demos, a 7″, a four song EP, and two full length Albums before going into hibernation in the late 1980s.

After reuniting in 2011 with the line-up from their classic debut album ‘Court In The Act’ (1983), SATAN signed to Listenable Records to release a direct successor to said album in 2013. The response to ‘Life Sentence’ was beyond all expectations; the album made it to a lot of magazine’s top albums of 2013, and SATAN were honoured to play at festivals all across Europe. 2013 also marked the band’s first ever live show in North America at ‘Wings of Metal’ festival, Montreal.

SATAN’s ‘second surge’ continued in 2014 with the band’s ‘Live Sentence’ world tour being a phenomenal success. Guitarist Steve Ramsey said: “Even back in the 80’s nothing we did could compare to this – 29 shows in four continents, 57 flights and 3 tour-buses.” Highlights included a headlining show at Bloodstock, the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, the band’s first appearance in Japan and playing to 22000 when SATAN opened for Maiden at Hellfest.

In late 2014 a live album was released on Listenable Records to coincide with the Fall dates of the ‘Live Sentence’ tour in North America and Japan. Titled ‘Trail of Fire – Live in North America’ the material for this album was recorded on the band’s East Coast tour earlier that year.

SATAN kicked off their ‘Trail Of Fire 2015′ with European dates in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Holland. Presently they have just returned from a successful South American tour playing shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.
Somehow during that time they have also managed to record a new studio album ‘Atom By Atom’ which was released in October 2015 on the Listenable Records label. The album features ten new songs written by the band, and was once again produced by Dario Mollo. SATAN have also enlisted the services of artist Eliran Kantor for the LP cover. According to Ramsey: “We were well aware that Life Sentence would take some beating but I think we’ve done it. We started writing almost two years ago and I believe this is our best material yet”.

2015, 16 and 17 saw the band playing live shows all over the world again and the first shows for 2018 are announced already. And maybe it’s time for a new album as well?

Press Quotes – LP Reviews
“Das ist die Überraschung des Monats! […] Endlich wieder eine echte, traditionelle HEAVY METAL-Scheibe, die voll überzeugt! Satan, wir haben dich lieb.”
Rock Hard #312 (2013), Life Sentence review – 8.5/10, Dynamit

“Highlights hervorzugeben, ist bei der Fülle an Qualität schwierig, aber mit ‘Fallen Saviour’, ‘The Devil’s Infantry’ und vor allem dem Longtrack ‘The Fall of Persephone’ mit seinen tollen Queen/Yes-artigen Chorälen haben es Satan geschafft, moderne Klassiker zu komponieren. […] Atom by Atom […] hält locker das abartig hohe Niveau [von Life Sentence].”
Deaf Forever 5/2015, Atom by Atom review – 9,5/10

“Two years after the infernal comeback with “Life Sentence”, which I personally rank it as one among the best comebacks of the entire heavy metal history! Satan strike again with a new album… and what an album! […] A MUST HAVE album for this year!”, Atom by Atom review – 5/6

Press Quotes – Live Reviews
“Satan […] stellen sich schon früh als einer der Gewinner des Festivals raus. Kein Wunder, wer einerseits zu Recht legendäre Songs dabei hat, andererseits in der musikalischen Form seines Lebens ist […]”
Deaf Forever 5/2014, Muskelrock review

“Mixing tunes from their 1983 debut and their 2013 comeback, Satan also made sure to throw in a couple of earlier gems to satisfy the nerdiest of fans. New cuts and old cuts blended amongst each other indiscriminately, and fans went equally wild for all of them. […] For an hour and a half, these boys from Newcastle showed off a youthful exuberance and energy, while maintaining an older and wiser sense of class and professionalism. […] This was a monumental night for Bay Area metal fans, one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.”, SF gig review, October 2014

“Ob ‘Blades Of Steel’, ‘Cenotaph’, ‘Alone In The Dock’ oder das famose ‘Testimony’: Hier reiht sich Hit an Hit und so vergeht die Show, trotz der späten Stunde, wie im Flug. […] Mit so viel Einsatz für die Fans unterstreichen die Briten einmal mehr, warum sie die Band der Stunde in der NWOBHM sind und machen den letzten Auftritt eines tollen Festivals zu einem unvergesslichen Höhepunkt. Trotz widrigster Bedingungen können sich Band und Fans gegenseitig beglückwünschen, die einen für das lange Ausharren im Unwetter, die anderen zu einer gelungenen Show und obersympathischem Auftreten.”, Headbangers Open Air review, August 2015

“To close the night, Metal Brew have booked a band that, since reforming in 2011, have rebuilt a reputation as one of the best heavy metal bands in the world. […] Satan turn in the sort of set that only the likes of Maiden and Priest could manage. With the poise and confidence of a world-class band and a set stuffed with classics like Blades of Steel and Opression, they can’t fail.”
Metal Hammer UK, Metal Brew review, August 2015

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